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l   Society – Our social contribution


The Lion & Globe Educational Trust


"The Lion & Globe Educational Trust" was established in 1985 by the Hung family, the major shareholder of our Group. In setting up the Trust, the Hung family wishes to fulfill its obligations as a responsible corporate citizen and contribute to the well-being of the community in which it conducts business.  The main objective of the Trust is to provide leadership skills training for budding youths to help them realize their full potential.  The Trust is also organizer of the "Hong Kong Outstanding Students Award" and "Best Improved Students Award" for honoring exemplary students who performed exceptionally well in personal development, academic studies, social services and extra-curricular activities and students who have demonstrated substantial improvement every year.


Hop Hing actively supports and participates in various social and charity services such as donating the proceeds from selling peanut oils in charity activities to Senior Citizen Safety Association, sponsoring strategic CSR network for community events and participating in the Community Chest Corporate Challenge, HSBC Share-to-Care Volunteer Campaign and Chi Heng HK Charity Walk.



(Photos : HSBC share-to-Care Volunteer Campaign)


(Photos : Chi Heng HK Charity Walk)


l   Environment – Our environmental contribution


For years, the earth has been attacking by various environmental problems, such as ozone depletion, global warming, pollution and reduction of natural forest etc.  These environmental problems, the results of which would be borne by our next generations, could be avoided if we care our environment and all the members of our society work together and address to them positively.  In view of this, we have taken the initiative to incorporate various pollution reduction measures into our production processes.  We can share with you the results of our efforts in the recent years:


Ø   All of our packaging materials are recyclable materials

Ø   Grease trap waste reduced by 70%, compared with year 2005

Ø   Diesel fuel consumption reduced by 30%, compared with year 2005

Ø   NOx emission from flue gas approaches to zero

Ø   Consuming diesel with sulphur content < 10ppm to reduce SO2 emission

Ø   30% Energy saving in summer of year 2013

Ø   Participated in the Thee Planting Challenge 2008 as exploration team and finished as the 1st runner-up and smartest tree planting team


Photos (Power Smart Contest Champion Award in year 2013, Green medal award, Green SME grand award and Tree planting Challenge 2008):


Power Smart Contest Champion Award in year 2013


Green Medal Award

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