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Wits for Win

¡@¡@"No compromise on quality" is the guiding principle handed down by our founder. Inspired by this vision and with determination, Hop Hing's management has always strived to achieve outstanding performance by strictly complying stringgent, self-imposed quality and service standards.

History and Development

¡@¡@Hop Hing Oil Factory was founded in Shantou in 1930 by our founder, grandfather of Mr. Hung Hak Hip, the then chairman of Hop Hing Group Holding Limited. Later in 1932, Hop Hing started their oil business in Hong Kong and engaged in importing bottling and distribution of edible oils. Having been engaged in the oil industry with high-quality standards, oils produced by Hop Hing Oil Factory is recognized as premium oil.

¡@¡@In 1936, ¡§Lion & Globe¡¨ brand was officially established and Lion & Globe Peanut Oil was first launched in the market.

¡@¡@In 1940, our founder and his family members stationed in Hong Kong and continue their oil business. By virtue of consistently premium quality, Hop Hing Oil Factory is recognized as a high reputation enterprise providing high quality of oils for Hong Kong market.

¡@¡@In pursuit of excellence and ¡§No compromise on Quality¡¨, Hop Hing Oil Factory with advance technology established in Castle Peak Road in 1950 to meet Hong Kong people¡¦s requirement upon high-quality edible oils. As the peanut oil produced by Hop Hing is rich in taste and aroma, it was greatly accepted by the customers.

Hong Kong

¡@¡@Hop Hing is one of the leading edible oils manufacturers in Hong Kong producing various kinds of edible oil products which include peanut oil, corn oil, rapeseed oil, canola oil, olive oil, rice bran oil, blended oils and other edible oils and fats.

¡@¡@In order to develop high-quality edible oils in the long-term, Hop Hing build up a physical oil-refinery plant in Yuen Long in 1988. By importing crude oil from around the world directly, oils were refined and processed in Hong Kong, and were bottled for sale after the quality of edible oils was assured. Thus, the edible oils were ensured to be fresh and with premium quality standard. Hop Hing has been adopting to its principle of ¡§Freshly Made in Hong Kong Everyday¡¨ and has been producing the freshest and the best quality edible oils everyday.

¡@¡@Apart from assuring the freshness of edible oils, Hop Hing has built up its own laboratory to focus on research and development of different types of healthy edible oils. Its flagship brand, "Lion & Globe", is the leader in healthy edible oils production*.

Mainland China

¡@¡@Because of the confidence upon the rapid development of the Chinese market, Hop Hing established advanced factories in Nansha Free Trade Zone in the Pearl River Delta through its wholly-owned enterprise, Panyu Hop Hing Oil & Fats Limited, in 1995. It covered an area of over 2 million sq ft, including oil-refinery plant, automatic oil extraction plant, blending and bottling factories, tank farms and own "built-up" pier. Advanced international physical refining and automatic filling equipments were introduced, with the annual production capacity of 150,000 tons of refined oils. The sales distribution network covers the East, such as Dongguan and Huizhou, the West, such as Jiangmen and Zhuhai, and the North, such as Guangzhou and Qingyuan. It also covers all over the South China region.

¡@¡@Apart from being awarded in Hong Kong, "Lion & Globe" and "Camel" were also awarded "China's Trusted Food Brand" and "Guangdong Famous Brand" by the relevant authorities in PRC.

¡@¡@Since Panyu Hop Hing Oil & Fats Limited has also implemented a quality integrated management system, it continues to pass ISO 9001 and HACCP management system certification. Its series of products had been awarded ¡§National Certificate for Product Exemption from Quality Surveillance Inspection".

*Based in part on data reported by Nielsen though its Market Track Service in Total Edible Oil market for the period between January 2012 to December 2017. (Copyright ©2018, The Nielsen Company)
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